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Get a Dazzling Smile with Porcelain Veneers

If you’ve been searching for the most effective way to transform everything there is about your smile, then porcelain veneers offer the most promising results possible.
With veneers, you can enjoy a permanent and flawless looking smile without going through braces or having your teeth whitened. Rather, thin shells of porcelain cover the visible surface (what you see when you smile) of the affected teeth, making them more comprehensive than bonding but less invasive than having unnecessary crowns placed over healthy teeth.

How Many Dental Veneers do I Need?

If you’re in the central New Jersey area, our Princeton-based cosmetic & family dentist, Dr. Bestandji, can give you a recommendation as to how many veneers are necessary in order to give you the type of smile makeover you’re looking for. Usually, it’s determined by how many teeth are visible when you’re smiling. For some of our patients it’s only six teeth across the upper top arch, while other individuals require as many as 8-10 across the top, or they elect to have veneers placed on their lower teeth as well.
Experience was outstanding. Had been in intense pain and was able to get an emergency appointment almost immediately. Issue was quickly identified (infected tooth) and a treatment to alleviate (root canal) was promptly initiated. Exceptional service and competence displayed by entire staff...highly recommend this practice.
Robert Kivlen
Robert Kivlen
00:53 13 Jun 24
Very kind and professional, thank you!
Cécile Ewbank
Cécile Ewbank
16:39 11 Jun 24
I love this dentist. Everyone is so nice & professional
erin ammerman
erin ammerman
20:53 05 Jun 24
Awesome place to go / Excellent work & just as important everyone is courteous & they make u feel comfortable / Cruz M Avila
Joseph Avila
Joseph Avila
17:24 24 May 24
Muy buen lugar, te atienden muy bien y son muy amables te explican el procedimiento y son muy cuidadosos con el trabajo me encato ir aquí
Osvaldo Maya
Osvaldo Maya
20:04 27 Apr 24
Great experience. Very friendly and professional staff. Would recommend 100%.Dr Nissrine is the best in the area.
abderrahim oukessou
abderrahim oukessou
19:41 27 Apr 24
Dr. Bestandji and her team are knowledgable, friendly, patient and caring. The office is clean and comfortable with state-of-the-art equipment. I'm so happy that a family member suggested trying Canal Vista Family Dental! I highly recommend the practice.
Ivy Cox
Ivy Cox
20:58 22 Apr 24
Wonderful, friendly and competent staff. Doctor is very well versed in new technology. State of the art furnishings and equipment. Would recommend wholeheartedly.
Mary Mazza
Mary Mazza
01:33 17 Apr 24
Everyone is super Nice, very CLEAN and professional towards my Mom. My husband and I want to look into making Canal Vista our Dentists, too. We love you guys
Monique Mitchell
Monique Mitchell
01:12 04 Apr 24
Dr. Bestandji always take great care of mom's beautiful smile ❤️
Evelyn Vazquez
Evelyn Vazquez
23:06 02 Apr 24
I go every three months for a cleaningThe staff is so professional and friendlyI never wait and and my appointments are always accommodatedVisit canal vista for an extremely good dentalI called the it s morning to see the dentist as I had a sore on my tongueShe saw me today and as usual excellent treatment and adviseThis is the best dental practice
diane ferro
diane ferro
21:49 01 Apr 24

Planning Your Smile Makeover

Our porcelain veneers can be combined with other types of aesthetic services including composite bonding, teeth whitening, or ceramic crowns to help you achieve the overall look you’re searching for.
During treatment, our cosmetic dentist will slightly reduce the thickness of the front of your teeth to make room for the veneers to be bonded over the front. This minimal preparation process prevents the final veneer from looking or feeling too bulky and unnatural. Rather, the profile of the veneers blends seamlessly with your overall smile.
Before starting any type of smile makeover, it’s important to make sure your teeth are free of active decay or gum disease.
  • A complete smile makeover
  • No need to wear braces
  • Instantly whiter, fuller teeth
  • Can be completed in a relatively short timeframe
  • Correct everything from size to shape and color of teeth
  • Immediately erase all visible aesthetic irregularities
Investing in a beautiful smile is something that can help you feel more confident in your personal and professional life. When it comes to making a great first impression, a beautiful smile is something that always stands out. Many of our smile makeover patients request porcelain veneers because they’ve always felt self-conscious of their teeth, have an important upcoming event (such as a wedding or job promotion) or as a way to treat themselves to something they’ve been wanting for years.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Princeton

There are several options available for cosmetic dentistry at Canal Vista Family Dental. Call today for your consultation and we’ll find the right option for the results and budget you’re looking for. Dr. Bestandji will discuss how veneers — or other cosmetic options like whitening, bonding and ClearCorrect invisible braces — can help you achieve the best outcome possible.
We look forward to being a part of your new smile experience! Be sure to ask about our affordable 0% interest financing options.

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Other Cosmetic Services

Because most common dental problems are preventable, Dr. Bestandji opts to incorporate strategies that help our patients reduce the risk of tooth decay from a very early age. This may be through protective dental sealants, fluoride, or even ClearCorrect orthodontic trays to make it easier for you to keep your smile clean.
Has it been more than six months since your last exam and cleaning? Are you looking for a family dentist in Princeton? Canal Vista Family Dental accepts patients of all ages. Contact us today to request your first appointment.
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