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Princeton Tooth Extractions

In most cases, we strive to help our Princeton patients preserve their natural teeth for as long as possible. But sometimes, teeth are non-restorable or so badly infected that it’s best to have them removed. Our Princeton, NJ dentist may suggest a dental extraction due to circumstances related to:

  • Advanced periodontal (gum) disease
  • Upcoming dental implant therapy
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Full dentures for bite rehabilitation
  • Aggressive tooth decay
  • Orthodontic therapy
  • Painful dental abscesses
  • Severely cracked teeth

After examining your teeth and taking an X-ray to evaluate the integrity of the roots, our Princeton dentist will determine if an extraction is the best option (or if a better alternative is available.)

Wisdom Tooth Removal in Princeton, NJ

Wisdom teeth are some of the most common ones that need to be extracted, due to their location. Because they are the furthest back in the mouth, third molars tend to be more prone to infection and decay. In some cases, wisdom teeth become impacted against the tooth next to them, causing additional damage.

Upon examining your mouth and taking an X-ray of your wisdom teeth, Dr. Bestandji can recommend whether it’s best to have them removed. In some cases, we’re able to provide wisdom teeth extraction here in our Princeton, NJ practice. We also have access to SOL soft tissue laser technology to remove extra gum tissue around wisdom teeth (operculectomy) to help make them easier to clean, potentially avoiding the need for a tooth extraction at all.

Emergency Dental Extractions in Princeton, NJ

A horrible toothache can hit you at the worst of times.  Maybe it’s at your son’s Friday night hockey game, or during your daughter’s Saturday morning dance recital.  The pain can be unbearable.

Anyone that has ever experienced the shocking jolt of tooth pain knows how awful it can be.  You wake up constantly at night and there’s no possible medication or antibiotics available over the counter that would even take the edge off of your discomfort. So, what are you to do? Many people will end up in the Emergency Room, desperate to get some relief. We all know how exhausting hospital visits are, especially when you’re in pain.

It’s no wonder there aren’t more dental practices in Princeton, NJ who have an emergency dentist available. Dr. Bestandji is here to assist you and provide a dental extraction to relieve your pain, if it’s necessary.

Keeping You Comfortable

Having a tooth pulled is usually a straightforward procedure. With a little local anesthetic to numb the area around your tooth, Dr. Bestandji can remove it with practically no discomfort. All you’ll feel is a small amount of pressure.

When possible, we want to do everything we can to help you preserve your healthy teeth. We will only recommend having a tooth extracted if it’s in the best interest of your overall smile and individual needs. If you need a second opinion or are thinking about having a problematic tooth pulled, we encourage you to visit Canal Vista Family Dental for an exam!

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Other Emergency Services

Because most common dental problems are preventable, Dr. Bestandji opts to incorporate strategies that help our patients reduce the risk of tooth decay from a very early age. This may be through protective dental sealants, fluoride, or even ClearCorrect orthodontic trays to make it easier for you to keep your smile clean.

Has it been more than six months since your last exam and cleaning? Are you looking for a family dentist in Princeton? Canal Vista Family Dental accepts patients of all ages. Contact us today to request your first appointment.

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