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At Canal Vista Family Dental, we enjoy caring for patients of all ages, including young children. In fact, preventative dental care from a very young age can help your child to avoid some of life’s most common dental ailments, particularly tooth decay. Why split up between a general and pediatric dentist office, when everyone is welcome in our family practice? See more on our Princeton location and get directions here – we’re centrally located off Brunswick Pike, where Princeton, Plainsboro Township and West Windsor meet.

Checkups and Cleanings

Most children love the “tickle” that they get when their hygienist polishes their teeth. A cleaning every 6 months helps familiarize your child with the dental office as well as promotes good oral health. Pediatricians and pediatric dentists recommend bringing your child in for a dental checkup by age 1.

Children’s Dental Emergencies

Knowing what to do during a dental emergency could save your child’s smile. If a tooth is broken, immediately place it in a cup of water or milk and bring it straight to our family dentist.

Fluoride Treatments for Kids

Fluoride varnish may look sticky, but that’s just because it works so well! Applying varnish after your child’s cleaning will keep their teeth stronger and dramatically reduce their risk of developing cavities.

Oral Hygiene Instruction

Brushing and flossing are a learned skill that take time to master. Disclosing solution is a wonderful teaching aid for children with poor oral hygiene habits. Ask our hygienist to apply it before your child’s next cleaning to show them how to brush better.

Does Your Child Need X-rays?

Diagnostic dental X-rays are extremely important for us to evaluate the development of your child’s smile. Not only are radiographs used to ensure that your son or daughter’s teeth are erupting properly (and serve as a useful tool during orthodontic evaluations,) they also help us to spot tooth decay at the earliest stages possible.

What Happens if Your Child Has a Cavity?

Most parents wonder if it’s necessary for their child to get a filling, if the cavity is in a baby tooth. Since primary (baby) teeth play a particularly vital role in the development and positioning of adult teeth, it’s important to treat the decay in order to:
  1. Prevent the cavity from spreading to adjacent teeth
  2. Avoid premature tooth loss
Pulling a decayed baby tooth can create a combination of problems in regards adult tooth development. Premature tooth loss can cause the underlying adult tooth to become impacted or erupt out of place. Dr. Bestandji and specialists such as Princeton pediatric dentists recommend filling tooth decay in baby teeth as early as possible.
In most cases, only a small white filling is needed. Our family friendly atmosphere is committed to ensuring a positive and comfortable experience for your little one!

Tongue Ties/Lip Ties

Thanks to gentle laser technology, we can release tongue and lip ties associated with difficulty nursing/feeding, or speech concerns. Is it time for your child’s first dental checkup? Contact our family dentist in Princeton, NJ, today to schedule!

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Because most common dental problems are preventable, Dr. Bestandji opts to incorporate strategies that help our patients reduce the risk of tooth decay from a very early age. This may be through protective dental sealants, fluoride, or even ClearCorrect orthodontic trays to make it easier for you to keep your smile clean.
Has it been more than six months since your last exam and cleaning? Are you looking for a family dentist in Princeton? Canal Vista Family Dental accepts patients of all ages. Contact us today to request your first appointment.
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