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Teeth Bonding Services

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Erase Aesthetic Imperfections with Cosmetic Bonding

Dental bonding is a minimally invasive cosmetic dental service that we offer at our Princeton, NJ-based dental practice to address imperfections such as:
  • Chipped or misshaped teeth
  • Uneven teeth
  • Small gaps in your smile
  • Severe staining and discoloration
  • Uneven or atypical enamel surfaces
Used alone or in combination with our laser gum recontouring, cosmetic bonding can help your teeth look fuller and properly sized in just one appointment. Numbing may not even be necessary!

Affordable Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Bonding uses tooth colored composite (similar to white fillings) to reshape atypical areas of enamel so that the tooth appears properly sized and contoured in a way that it blends in with the teeth around it. Material is added to the tooth, compensating for areas that may be lacking.
Each bonded area is carefully matched so that it isn’t easily distinguishable from the enamel next to it. Bonding works great for heavily stained areas that won’t respond to bleaching.  It can also straighten slightly crooked teeth or cover up tiny chips and gaps.
It’s a great option if you’re thinking about cosmetic dentistry services and live in the central New Jersey area, but need to stay on a budget!

What to Expect

To have a tooth bonded, our Princeton cosmetic dentist will buff the front surface of the enamel to be covered. After prepping the area with special conditioner, Dr. Bestandji will sculpt your restoration by hand from a composite material matched to the shade of your surrounding enamel. Usually, no local anesthetic is required.
The entire procedure only requires one short appointment. As soon as the bonding is cured into place, you’ll be able to look into the mirror and see an entirely new smile. It’s amazing what correcting one minor imperfection can do!
If you have any desire to whiten your teeth later on, we recommend that you do so about two weeks before scheduling your cosmetic bonding appointment. This allows us to match the material to your newer, brightest shade. Being that composite cannot be bleached into a whiter shade, it must be matched properly or changed out in the future if you decide to whiten further down the road. We recommend one of our KöR teeth whitening solutions , which are available in take-home or in-office options.

Same Day Cosmetic Dentistry in NJ

Composite bonding is usually one of the most affordable and comfortable options when it comes to addressing aesthetic flaws in your smile. Cosmetic dentistry can be any type of dental treatment that is designed to make your smile more aesthetically pleasing, and bonding is often combined with other types of services such as teeth whitening or veneers

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Other Cosmetic Services

Because most common dental problems are preventable, Dr. Bestandji opts to incorporate strategies that help our patients reduce the risk of tooth decay from a very early age. This may be through protective dental sealants, fluoride, or even ClearCorrect orthodontic trays to make it easier for you to keep your smile clean.
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