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Our No Insurance Membership Plan

Our No Insurance Dental Care Plan

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No Insurance? No Problem. Our Affordable Dental Care Plan Will Help.

Today, it’s fairly common not to have dental insurance. That’s why Canal Vista Family Dental developed an exclusive dental care membership club for our patients and their families. Subscribers can enjoy high-quality dental care at an affordable price with no hidden fees. It’s almost easier than having dental insurance!

What’s Included?

Serving people without dental insurance in the Princeton, NJ, area as well as surrounding central New Jersey,  our membership club includes all of your annual preventative care services, the same as what you would receive with a dental insurance plan. That way, you can regularly visit a dentist near you — no insurance necessary. Schedule two checkups twice a year with both healthy mouth cleanings included. Fluoride treatment is also offered at no additional fee because of how important it is for cavity prevention. Your membership also includes full mouth X-rays and unlimited emergency exams, so you can always get fast relief when you need it most. There’s even a periodontal plan for our patients recovering from past gum disease.

What if I Need Treatment?

For our patients who require restorative care beyond the covered checkups and cleanings, an additional 15% discount is applied. This discount covers all other treatments, regardless of which type.

Plus, there are no waiting periods or deductibles to meet. That means no added out-of-pocket expenses or having to wait for treatment your smile needs. In fact, joining our Princeton dentist’s membership plan is easier than having dental insurance altogether. Enjoy an affordable family dentist near me, no insurance claims to file (or refute), and no surprise bills in the mail!

If you need restorative care, Dr. Bestandji will formulate a treatment plan that outlines all options and the fees associated with each procedure. You’ll know exactly how much your treatment costs are—discounts included—without having to worry about insurance maximums, waiting periods, or copays.

Never Worry About Dental Insurance Again

Even with dental insurance coverage, maximums often run out before more than two or three treatments can ever be completed. This can be frustrating for patients who feel confused about why they pay out of pocket for premiums each month when their benefits run out.

Unlike medical insurance, insurance coverage hasn’t increased with the cost of living in over 40 years; the benefits most people use today are the same dollar amounts from decades ago.

When you use a dental membership plan like the one from our Princeton family dental office, you receive 100% coverage on your checkups, cleanings, X-rays, and other preventative services. But there are no monthly premiums. And if you do need treatment, a flat discount is applied across the board, regardless of how small or complex those services may be. The discount doesn’t run out, so there’s no need to worry about surprise out-of-pocket costs or a deductible to hit before benefits kick in.

Looking for a No Insurance Dentist Near You? We've Got You Covered!

Joining a dental membership plan can save you money if you don’t have dental insurance (or are thinking about dropping your coverage altogether.) Plans are priced for adults, children, and periodontal patients.

Contact Canal Vista Family Dental in Princeton, NJ, today to learn more about our upfront pricing and in-house membership plan.