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How to Choose a Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric Dentist for Child

It’s easy to find great dental care for your family when you choose the best dentist. But what about when it comes to finding a pediatric dentist to see your children?

Fortunately, you don’t have to drive all over Princeton looking for a separate dentist for you and your child. Instead, you can bring your entire family to the same family dental provider. This saves time and energy, and it also allows you to build a lasting relationship with a closely-knit team of dental professionals.

Whether you’re searching for a pediatric dentist (pedodontist) in Princeton or a family-friendly office that sees all ages, here are some things to remember:

Family Dentist Who Can See Children of All Ages

Not all general dental practices are equipped to see kids. Pediatric dental patients typically require special equipment and instruments, depending on the care your child needs. At Canal Vista Family Dental, we’re happy to be your family’s pediatric dental provider. As a family dental office, we’re here for your child’s first one-year-old dental checkup and by your side as they grow and head off to college.

Dental experts and pediatricians generally recommend that your child see a dentist for their first dental exam before the first tooth erupts or by the time they turn one year old. Find a family provider like our Princeton dentist who’s available to see your child as early as possible. After all, most children’s dental complications can be prevented with attentive, early care.

Friendly Staff

Your child’s early interaction with their dentist and the dental staff will shape their perception of dental care for the rest of their life. Especially if they have great interactions from the very get-go. Many times, dental anxiety and phobias are a result of bad experiences during childhood. A family dentist who makes your child feel at ease and goes at their own pace is the best for everyone. 

With time, patience, and a friendly team that connects with your child, your family can actually look forward to visiting the dental office!

Pediatric Services Offered

Again, not all general dentists are equipped to care for and treat young patients. Pediatric dentists are only set up for young children, which is why they refer older teens to a family practice once they “age out.”

At Canal Vista Family Dental, our family dentist is able to provide a full menu of pediatric dental services — ranging from checkups and sealants to mouthguards and fillings. Prevention is the key to a healthy smile for your child, regardless of their age. By reducing the chance of injury and tooth decay in kids, we can save their smiles and lower their chances of tooth pain in the future.

A Great Reputation

Maybe visiting the dentist isn’t your child’s favorite thing to do. Consider asking your neighbors or other parents at your children’s school where they bring their child to the dentist. If it’s convenient, consider asking their kids if they like their dentist.

Make a note of any dentist’s names that you hear used more than two or three times. If you notice a trend with the same name used over and over, go ahead and take note. Great family and kids’ dentists will have an excellent reputation in your neighborhood, and this step alone can help you pick the best pediatric dentist.

Any Special Needs to Keep in Mind

There are many factors that can affect choosing a dental provider. In this case, special needs. Your child may have a specific medical condition, sensory problem, or even a developmental delay.

 Ask if the dentist sees children with the specific condition you have in mind. This will help you determine if they are equipped to provide the care your child needs or if you need to look elsewhere. A great pediatric dentist will be able to offer high-level care for children of all backgrounds.

A Dentist Who Connects with Your Kids

Even when it comes down to oral health, relationships matter. Open communication helps strengthen the bond between you, your child, and your dental provider. The better your family dentist communicates with you, the better equipped you’ll be to take on an active role in planning for the future. Especially when pediatric treatments like braces, dental emergencies, and children’s fillings come into play.

Our Princeton dentist’s office tries to take things easy, allowing your child to feel comfortable throughout their visit. We’ll never rush or push them through procedures they’re not comfortable with.

One Who Works with Your Insurance Company

Dental insurance is a complex and often confusing map to navigate. Our treatment coordinators will work closely with your carrier to help you maximize your benefits and minimize any out-of-pocket fees. They can also run all the numbers to ensure you know what costs to expect for your child’s required treatment. This service ensures that you are able to use the coverage you’re entitled to without getting caught by surprise with unexpected bills a few weeks later.

Even if we’re out-of-network with your specific insurance plan, you may be able to use your coverage toward your child’s treatment, depending on the type of policy you have. Much of it will depend on the type of program selected by your employer. The insurance coordinators at your child’s dental office should be able to walk you through your unique plan’s specifics and answer any questions about your coverage.

We Love Seeing Kids!

Are you looking for a pediatric dentist in Princeton? Why not bring the entire family to Canal Vista Family Dental?

Our Princeton family dentist provides personalized, high-quality dental care for children and adults of all ages. From toddlers to retirees, we’re here by your side to help your family enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles. Here, children can keep their oral development on track and reduce the risk of cavities with our gentle techniques and comprehensive care approach. 

To schedule an appointment for your child (or yourself,) call our Princeton family dentist today!

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